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property promotion 

We can take on every aspect of marketing your short term holiday accommodation for you. From planning the content you need created, shooting the photos and video through to designing a slick and functional website and managing your social media outputs. You don't need to lift a finger! Let us do the work for you.

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At Itago, our mission is to create high-quality promotional material to market your holiday property.

We specialise in creating content for anything from a charming cottage to a sprawling highland estate.

Our team of experts have years of experience with all necessary formats, including photography, videography, and website design.

We take the time to listen to what makes your property unique and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.



We specialise in interiors, exteriors and aerial still photography. These are ideal to have in a library to be used on websites, 3rd party marketing sites or indeed drip feeding social media accounts.


The ideal way to let viewers get a better feel for what you have to offer. Our videos are tailored to each property and what they have to offer. We are sure to include stunning aerial footage, internal video and we also cover any activities that may be experienced whilst visiting.


What better way to get stunning scenes than from a birds eye view. We use the latest drone technology to capture some of the most breathtaking views. We supply both still images and video footage that is incorporated into our videos.


Leave all the hassle of creating and scheduling posts to us. We will create beautiful informative weekly content to drip feed your accounts which in turn will attract followers and boost the presence of your property. The most important thing is to keep your audience engaged.


Even if you rely on letting through a third party, it is increasingly important to have your own website. Your own website allows potential customers to get a better feel of what's on offer.

We can help create all aspect of your website from design and build to the content that is within it!

Delnabo Estate

  • Website design and build

  • Digital marketing

  • Accommodation Photography and Video

Our work with Delnabo Estate was initiated with a commission to produce photographic marketing material for the renting of the Lodge. Upon delivery of the content we were tasked with creating a website as a marketing platform for the video and photos and a booking system for holiday rental customers.


Since starting to work with Delnabo three years ago the project has grown arms and legs; we continue to visit regularly (in every season) to create photos and video material. We manage the social media accounts for Delnabo Estate, posting the content we create regularly, meaning they can concentrate on running the beautiful estate, and we can keep up with the hashtags and reels!

Lanrick treehouses


  • Accommodation and lifestyle photography

  • Documentary video production

  • Social media content


The beautiful hidden away treehouses are a joy to capture. We continue to regularly produce photos and video of the interior an exteriors of these magical hideaways, their beautifully designed interiors are a joy to capture and showing the wider area surrounding them in all seasons really inspires our creativity.


Most recently we created a documentary film describing the design, planning, build and use of their amazing hidden sauna. This featured a double conversational interview with the architect and owner, shots of the sauna in use in day and evening twilight.

Firthside House


  • Web Design & Build

  • Video production

  • Photography


Firthside House is a stunning house in the North of Scotland. Its new owners had a vision of creating a curated but inviting home for guests to share their love for the region and its many attractions.


We were delighted to have the opportunity to create the website and visual content in tandem, meaning all creative decisions were considered with a consistent goal across our team and directly with the client. As well as giving a streamlined, efficient workflow we feel this really gives the finished product a unique confidence and smooth user experience.

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