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Itago Media is a dynamic media production company that creates content for a range of clients. We are passionate about our creative design and digital marketing work and strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. Our small but dedicated team is creative, efficient and committed to our work.


We specialise in creating content that is tailored to our clients’ needs and vision. With years of experience in the industry, we have a keen eye for detail and know how to create and implement effective strategies. 

The need for new, exciting and engaging content for your business has never been greater. Video is leading the way in terms of the most consumed type of media online. There were an estimated 3.37 billion internet users consuming video last year.  

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That's about content in general, but here are just a few reasons for you to work with us:

  • We can help you with the whole process from the initial conception of an idea, understanding your target audience, planning, web design, develop scripting and shooting the photo and video content.

  • We are a small but highly adaptable and dynamic team that assists our clients every day with the creative business challenges that they face to strengthen their brand.

  • All the services we offer are done 'in-house' meaning we can control everything from arranging the filming days to delivering the final product. This leads nicely to the next reason...


  • Fast Turn around times. In-house means we save so much time since we edit the photos and videos ourselves.


  • One point of contact throughout the whole process. You will always be speaking to the same person.​​​​

  • We love to travel! We have been to every corner of Scotland and know it like the back of our hand. We like nothing more than driving down a new road that we haven't been on before! ​​

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Andy Semple

Andy is one of the founders of Itago Media and is a Director.


He studied photography in Newcastle where he gained his qualifications.

Before moving back to Scotland, Andy worked as a freelance photographer in London for 8 years. His past experience has seen him cover a whole range of subjects  from interiors and architecture to sporting events, advertising and marketing. 


He specialises in photography, video and creative marketing. Andy has an expert eye for detail and is in charge of quality control at Itago Media.

Having such a passion for the outdoors, there aren't many roads in Scotland that Andy hasn't travelled and he has a detailed knowledge of the hills and rivers that cover the landscape.


Enjoys (outside work): Fishing, Skiing and Cycling....

Pet Peeve: Bad weather forecasts (they ruin photography plans)

Favourite food: A roast with all the trimmings

Favourite TV Series:  Band of Brothers

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Sam finch

Since studying photography at Edinburgh Napier University, Sam has since covered events, commercial assignments and personal projects across Scotland and further afield.


Sam specialises in documentary photo-stories and has a passion for capturing personal narratives with individual character and style. He also loves editing footage into engaging content to help brands share their vision with an online audience.


Sam is always on the hunt for the next photographic adventure. 


A keen biker, Sam is often found blasting though the highlands on his pastel green Triumph Scrambler with a camera over one shoulder and a tent on the back, looking for the perfect wild pitch.


Enjoys (outside work):Cooking, Gravel Biking, Motorcycles, Woodwork, Pottery & Printmaking.

Pet peeve: Traffic jams

Favourite food: Anything from an artisan bakery; Sourdough, sweet buns and croissants

Favourite movie: Whiplash

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ben silcocks

Ben is one of the founders of Itago Media and is a Director.


He specialises in video and aerial media.

Ben has filmed and photographed many locations around the world often combining his work in the ski industry with opportunities to film and photograph.

Getting to know businesses, finding out about the people behind them and translating these into visual stories is where his passion lies. 

Seeing every corner of Scotland, meeting people and exploring new places is the bit he likes most about his job.


When not behind a camera, Ben is usually found water skiing on Loch Lomond, going on adventures with his two boys or riding his mountain bike up a local hill!

Enjoys (outside work): Skiing, Sailing, Water skiing and Mountain & Gravel biking,

Pet Peeve: Not having a plan

Favourite foods: Paella, anything from the BBQ and A Ferg Burger from Queenstown in New Zealand.

Favourite TV Series: Ted Lasso

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