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Interiors and Architecture

Architecture and Interior photography is deep rooted at Itago media…. you could say it’s how it all started. 


We have a passion for beautiful buildings whether new or old and the bespoke interiors that lie within their walls. Capturing them on camera is an art form.


With vast experience photographing some of the most spectacular buildings and interiors in existence, from 17th century Scottish castles to contemporary treehouses, we have been fortunate enough to capture the essence of what interior design and architecture are all about.

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We have a true passion for interior and architectural photography and feel it is evident in every shot we take. We believe that every space has a story to tell, and we aim to tell it through our photographs. From the way light fills and affects a space, to the unique details that make each room special. 


With over 16 years of interior experience in both London and Scotland, we strive not to produce the "run of the mill" images and have a unique natural, style to our creations. We use natural light as much as possible but understand that sometimes fill light is required..... 

Whether you're a hotel looking to update marketing material, an interior designer looking to document or promote your work or an architect looking to capture a project for your  portfolio, we can help!


We offer interior and architectural videography services that are tailored to the needs of interior designers, architects and builders.


We create stunning videos that provide a dynamic and immersive experience for your clients, putting your brand and vision at the forefront. Our team has extensive experience in producing high quality videos  for properties inside and out that capture the essence of your work, while highlighting its unique features.


Whether you need still photography or high-end video production, we can help you develop content that is sure to catch the eye of potential clients. 

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Hotels and getaways

We offer bespoke packages to suit your needs. We can provide a one time service to produce photographs and/or video or we can tailor a package that allows you to choose what you want, when you want spread over a year. This is great for hotels and getaway accommodation as the seasons can affect bookings. Having visits to produce marketing material throughout the year will allow you to showcase your business  all year round. We know that some of the best times to get away can be out of season.


When it comes to architectural photography and video services we strive to  help architects and builders promote their bespoke designs in the best possible way. We specialise in both interior and exterior space. We work with you to create stunning visuals that can be used for portfolio or marketing purposes. We know the importance of having your vision and creation captured in time for others to see.


At Itago Media, we are passionate about photographing interior spaces in a way that translates a designer’s vision into visual art. We work with interior designers to create stunning, high-quality images that showcase their unique design concepts. By taking the time to understand the thought and creativity behind your design, we are able to craft stunning images that fully capture its beauty and character. Let us help you showcase your designs and add to your expanding portfolio.

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