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tell your story 

We are passionate about telling stories. Our goal is to make documentaries that not only engage audiences, but also convey important messages. We believe that documentary film-making should be used as a tool to explore our world and challenge our perceptions. We approach every project with the same care and attention to detail, ensuring that we capture the essence of our subject in the most beautiful and compelling way possible.

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Documentary style films are a great way to tell your story, whether that be a sporting event, an epic adventure or an educational piece. We understand the power of documentary filmmaking. Our team of talented filmmakers are dedicated to telling meaningful stories that engage and inspire audiences.

We listen to your story and come up with a way how best to tell it in the format of video. 

With our years of experience and expertise, we are committed to producing high quality documentaries that make a difference and captivate your audience.



Roxburghe estates

case study


  • Documentary video production


We were asked to produce a documentary on the workings of Roxburghe Estates in the Scottish Borders. We utilised our extensive experience of drone videography to convey the beauty and diversity of the estate as well as piece-to-camera interviews to explain fascinating stories and important facts to guests visiting Floors Castle during their tour..



abrdn &akre

case study


  • Documentary video production


abrdn purchased 1,447 hectares of land in the Cairngorms National park to plant 1.5 million trees aiming for the highest quality carbon offset in the UK. They partnered with AKRE tree nursery to grow native species locally to increase biodiversity.

Our job was to film scenic  aerial footage of the Cairngorm site and capture face to camera pieces at the AKRE Nursery in Fife telling both abrdn's and AKRES's story.

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