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Sport events


We are passionate about capturing the excitement and energy of sporting events, from mountain biking and adventure racing to car rallying and more. Our team of skilled professionals are experts at capturing every angle, ensuring that we capture the most epic shots, giving viewers an unforgettable experience. From documentary-style pieces to promotional footage for your next event, we have everything you need to make it a success.

Grand Old Dukes

  • Documentary video production


A challenging 100 mile gravel bike racing event in the Trossachs National park. Covering such a large network of closed gravel roads was a planning conundrum, but with many paper maps, GPS routes and locations scouted we were prepared to divide and conquer. No amount of planning however, could stop the brutal weather; we battled with rain and mud all day to create a fast paced, gritty film which conveys the true challenge of the course and conditions. The film is a great memento for the participants and has been used to advertise the (now sold out) 2024 event.


  • Video production

  • Social Media Content

  • Photography

  • Graphic design


We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with this amazing company. We were asked to provide video coverage and marketing material for their rally team.


This involved a documentary style film for their YouTubeChannel:


Several short marketing edits for use on Instagram:


We have also taken on some of their graphic design requirements.

Bowler Motors

Scottish Series

  • Documentary video production


The Scottish Series Sailing Event has been around since 1975. It attracts sailors from around the world to race in some of the most scenic waters on the West Coast of Scotland.

Itago has taken on the role of video production for several years. Honing our skills filming on the water has allowed us to capture some exciting and dramatic footage, all of which is showcased at the end of each racing day. We also produce an overall event edit for marketing the following year.

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the highland scramble


  • Photography

  • Video production


Bikerbnb Adventures have been hosting The Highland Scramble since 2018, a curated events series from that features not only the best motorcycle riding that Scotland has to offer, but also incredible food, drink and exclusive accommodation.


Sam has been working closely with Bikerbnb to provide stills for the guests to treasure and marketing material for The Highland Scramble. By riding alongside the group he is able to leapfrog the motorcyclists, scout out the best spots and most importantly keep up with the pack as they cover hundreds of miles across the country.


Itago were commissioned to create a 20 minute film on behalf of the Bikerbnb guests for them to share with their family and friends and look back on for years to come. Ben filmed aerial footage over two days, taking in the best scenic spots that the route had to offer whilst Sam rode alongside the group, shooting candid video of the guests at pitstops and around the camp. You can see a short edit of the film here.