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Conference Capture


Itago Media is a media production company with a passion for capturing moments that matter. We specialise in conference filming and photography.


Our team of experts are committed to creating content that has lasting future value. We cover Video, Photography, and Live streaming of conferences, workshops and events throughout Scotland and the UK. 


We are proud to work with some of the top speakers, businesses, organizations and agencies in the industry. By using the latest technology, we are able to create compelling videos and images that tell a story.

A video is an ideal tool for showcasing and documenting speakers and presentations to clients and colleagues who couldn't attend your conference or events or to promote your future events. 


Videos are not only educational but they allow for shorter "cut down" versions to be produced, to market and promote your business.

Interviews and testimonials make great conference promotional videos. Making sure you set time aside for speakers, sponsors and organisers to answer questions allows you to bank extra "bite-sized" content.

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Live Stream

Stream your conference across the world and share it with those who can't be there - in real time!

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Film and Document the conference, from key speakers, audience interactions to interviews. A way to not miss out on key information that could otherwise be missed.

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A lot of effort goes into planning an event so why not make a vivid, long lasting memory of it to share with guests, clients and colleagues?

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Keep a record of your company training. This allows managers to review the skills of team members and improve on future training needs.

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