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Our team of EXPERIENCED professionals are passionate about creating CONTENT that moves, MOTIVATES and informs.

We’re here to help you bring The 2024 Bowler Rally Series to life in a way that is sure to ENGAGE your audience and make an impact.



Two of our videographers will film the race from multiple locations throughout each stage to capture unique perspectives. Whether we are filming aerial footage with drones, getting creative action shots on the side of the course, driver interviews and Vox Pops or running GoPros for the POV on boards we aim to maximise capture possibility. 

social media content


Following personal stories of the drivers, sposors and crew in professional interviews and featuring technical aspects of the Bowler package will help engage and retain a dedicated audience of public, press and potential future customers. Teaser videos to entice the viewer to watch the full length videos on your YouTube Channel.



Having produced both the Bowler Defender Rally 2024 calendar visuals and regulations booklet, our in-house graphic team has a unique understanding of Bowlers requirements. We strive to produce bold, modern designs whilst sticking to the brand guidelines and working to develop a consistency within the companies visual assets. Continuing this design language into the social media posts with podium graphics, titles and stage maps will elevate content to a next level of engagement and professionalism.

what we delivered in 2023/24...

  • Video Coverage of Scottish Round

  • Social Media Edits 

  • Driver Profile Reels

  • End of Season Edits and Party Presentation

  • 2024 Calendar Graphic Design

  • 2024 Regulations Document Design

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  • All In House from filming & editing to graphic design

  • GVC Specific Category qualified drone pilots

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Small hard working team

  • In depth knowledge of Bowler Championship and your goals

  • Marshall Accreditation Course

  • Experienced off-road drivers with company 4x4’s for use navigating course (if required)

We have all really enjoyed working with Laura and the Bowler team to produce the video content for the final round in Scotland. The conditions were challenging but we had a great time braving the rain and mud out on the stage and in the pits to capture action footage, on board video, drone shots and interviews with drivers, mechanics and team members.


We are really proud of the films from the Scottish Hill Rally and think that the experience from this event will give us a great skillset to fulfil and excel on future briefs. As well as the rally footage we captured, we were tasked with editing the entire 2024 library into social highlight reels and presentation for the end of year wrap party.

Our Graphics team have also worked closely with Laura to build the 2024 calendar posters and a full editorial design for the 2024 regulations booklet. Continuity within a brands communication with its customers, clients and the wider public cannot be underestimated and keeping a regular visual style across video, graphic and editorial design is a great way to keep your message clear. The easiest and most efficient way to achieve this is to do it all in house and we have the diverse skill set to deliver all of these media services from start to finish.


Working on these projects has given us a real insight into the championship and Bowlers exciting development plans for the coming years. We understand that you want to build drivers from any background and make them the best rally drivers they can be. The championship is not just any driving experience but a platform to create top class rally drivers that can go on to compete in international multi day events. The program framework is built to cultivate excellence and it is our job to capture that and highlight your passion and ambition, not only for this year's competitors but future potential customers. As a small team with a passion for motorsport, action and storytelling we are all very excited about possible collaborations in 2024 and think our creativity can help promote the Defender Rally Series as a groundbreaking platform in the motorsport sector.

what we will deliver


3-5 Minute Highlight Edit - UK

3-5 Minute Highlight Edit - BAJA (If Applicable)


4 x Social Edits :


Bowler Mode - What it is and how it works.

Driver Focus - Journey to Bowler

Driver Focus - Shane Lynch

Highlight from the weekend


For each round of the UK rally championship we will produce a highlight film for the UK Series and the Baja series if applicable. 


Each edit will be 3-5 minutes in length and include interview/vox pops with the drivers, co-drivers and Bowler Team interspersed with footage of the cars on course and in the pits. Each edit will be story led using voice over from interviewees, fast paced, feature exciting driving action and be set to royalty free music. 

Each round will feature 4 social edits 30-60 seconds in length. We will focus on a different story each round with the edits to allow us to tell the story of drivers journeys, Bowler Cars, Engineering and Interesting events that happen each weekend. 

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time and will have the relevant videos ready for release as quickly as possible.


  • Follow Drivers throughout the season building up a portfolio of footage and interviews. Allows us to tell their stories.

  • Build a relationship with all of the Bowler Team, Drivers and Co-Drivers - Leads to better interviews and content.

  • Create an in-depth Documentary film following one driver's journey from the start to the end of the season. 

  • Allow us to create a library of footage to be edited together for the end of season presentation and highlight videos.

  • Consistency of content and maintain brand identity throughout material.

  • If using a local media company in any of the European stages we can edit the footage to retain consistency throughout the whole series

We are excited about the prospect of working with Bowler for the coming season

All images, videos and graphics on this page are copyright Itago Media LTD

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